We have to stop imagining robots against humans

Isabelle Chappuis is an economist and director of the Swiss Center for Positive Futures at the Faculty of HEC of the UNIL. She recently published a book on the future of work, starting with HR. She tells us about it.

You have just written a book about the work of the future. Can you tell me which job will disappear?

I am a futurist, but I do not make predictions. I highlight all the futures and dilemmas ahead, so that we can make better informed choices. But don't ask me if plumbers or cashiers will disappear. There are algorithms that make these kinds of predictions, but it's very tricky, because the future is not a linear projection of the present, let alone the past. Having said that, we must still ask ourselves questions, for example about the future of jobs in sales, because this sector is largely disruptedtnot only by the health crisis, but also by digitalisation and changing behaviour. Yet the sales sector is chosen by 24% of young people in apprenticeships today, and these are people who'We are sending them to the box "stress".