The process is simple. Share with us your specific needs. We design a solution around your requirements. Deploy our pre-configured sensors, or have one of our approved partners do it for you. Start receiving data. Use the data gathered to better manage and monitor your office, hospital, factory, store or facility.

Your pre-registered sensors install in minutes with average battery life of 5 years. Mount to walls and tables with standard screws, tape and silicone. Activate a local LoRaWAN gateway with our “Installation Guide.” And all of your sensors are managed centrally so data populates your Microshare smart facility application in minutes.

The TECHNOLOGY behind the curtain

Access to MULTIPLE ENTITIES from our data sharing console and dashboards

Microshare Smart Network | Components & Connectivity

Bridging the Gaps for a COMPLETE SOLUTION

The Microshare® data management platform is the backbone of our IoT solutions. Our Rules Engine, Dynamic Data Modules, Application Accelerators and our proprietary Data Ownership Module ensure your data is collected, analyzed and distributed in a secure and compliant way to the right party and the right time in the right format.